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Congratulations To Our New Partners
Upcoming Events and Seminar Schedule


Carolyn Nikkanen partnered with ?
Arash J-Afshari partnered with ?
Holly Powell partnered with ?
Samuel Thier partnered with Tim and Dada Tatlock
Kim Sheets partnered with Lori Everly


Laura Thompson partnered with Sue & Scott Trojanowski
Conrad Turkowitch partnered with Sue & Scott Trojanowski


James Montgomery partnered with Butch & Liane Ermer
Nicole Egbert partnered with Dave & Mona Ehlert


Jason Tomaszewski partnered with ?
Todd Smith partnered with ?
Steve Hasselkuss partnered with Steve Hanke
Alexandera Nadvornik partnered with Canada


Christine Smith partnered with Lisa Smukowski
Jessica Meehean partnered with Lisa Smukowski
Lisa Smukowski partnered with Daryl & Margita Burczyk
Steve Hanke partnered with Daryl & Margita Burczyk
Kathy Bouthsy partnered with Daryl & Margita Burczyk
Conrad Turkowitch partnered with Jeff Held
Jeff Held partnered with Ryan Harrison


Lori Eggerstean partnered with Daryl & Margita Burczyk


Pamela Duffield partnered with Canada


Lori Brasch partnered with Butch & Liane Ermer
Matt Ittner partnered with Sue Trojanowski
Lynn Ziegelbauer partnered with Sue Trojanowski


James & Jennifer Lopez partnered with Dave & Mona Ehlert
Katie Hadaway partnered with Ryan Harrison
Kassie Gephart partnered with Ryan Harrison


Ramon Santiago partnered with ?
Wendy Yungblut partnered with ?
Walter Chamulak partnered with ?
Gina Daroszewski partnered with ?
William Klopp partnered with ?


Monica Murphy-Bradin SKW Flowers partnered with Savvy Bride


Thomas Jones partnered with Tim Tatlock
Halka Klement partnered with ?
Jeremy Eschendal partnered with Butch & Liane Ermer
Kathleen Stark partnered with Dave Kieres
Suzanne Boychuk partnered with Rhonda Tilley


Energy Masters LLC partnered with ?
Amanda McGrath partnered with ?
Tina Mankowski partnered with Dave and Mona Ehlert
Patricia Nagtzaam partnered with Jen Windover
Fuller StrengthLLC partnered with Sean Walsh


2013 Dates

Sept 21 - Brookfield Suites - 1200 S Moorland Road, Brookfield, WI

Oct 19 - Brookfield Suites - 1200 S Moorland Road, Brookfield, WI

Nov 16 - Brookfield Suites - 1200 S Moorland Road, Brookfield, WI

Call Night Workshops

Every Thursday night @ 6:30 - 8:00
Home of Dave and Mona Ehlert
4030 S. Katherine Dr.
New Berlin, WI 53151
Cell: 262-797-0050

Congratulations New PIN Levels

Butch & Liane Ermer - Coordinator
Casey Lawrence - Coordinator
Michelle Karaffa - Executive Coordinator
Jace McDonald - Executive Coordinator
Darlene Sterzinger - Executive Coordinator
Dave and Mona Ehlert - Executive Coordinator
Tony Wells - Coordinator
Steve and Linda Rosengren - Coordinator
Andy Latus - Executive Coordinator
Jim Eccles - Executive Coordinator
Tim Tatlock - Master Coordinators
Gordon Woolever - Coordinator
Darby O Connell - Executive Coordinator
Ami Schultz - coordinator
DJ Humphreys - Coordinator
Sally McMillan - Coordinator
Jim Sukowaty - Executive Coordinator
Dan Schopf - Executive Coordinator
Jeff Skoug - Coordinator
Matt Collins - Professional Coordinator
Joe Braund - Coordinator
Denise Feurt - Executive Coordinator
Ray & Dee Sandberg - Coordinator
Shari Metko - Executive Coordinator
Marty Borent - Coordinator
Giselle Martine - Coordinator
Stephanie Simmons - Coordinator
Quintus Burks - Coordinator
Todd Halvorsen - Coordinator
Jason Lloyd - Coordinator
Greg Scheff - Executive Coordinator
Joel McMillan - Executive Coordinator
Jason Kent - Executive Coordinator
Daryl Burczyk - National Supervising Coordinator
Martha Rehrer - Executive Coordinator
Eric & Iona Ciepluch - Professional Coordinator
Sue & Scott Trojanowski - Executive Coordinator & UFO
Mike & Shannon Bahr - Executive Coordinator
Gail & Mike Obradovich - Master Coordinators
Mark Mountain - Executive Coordinator
Kathy Chambers - Executive Coordinator
Tracy and Daryl  Willms - Executive Coordinator
Dave & Cheryl Puerner - Executive Coordinator
John Heathers - Coordinator
Julie & John Clay - Executive Coordinator
Harry Moondance Cafe - Coordinator 
Mark Sprague - Executive Coordinator 
Paul & Tricia Kaye - Executive Coordinator
Trevor Mask - Executive Coordinator


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